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3rd Global CIE Roundtable

Prof. Heidi Biseth, University of South-Eastern, Norway & President of NOCIES

Prof. Heidi Biseth, University of South-Eastern, Norway & President of NOCIES

Following the inaugural conference of the Global CIE Forum in Stockholm earlier this month, you are cordially invited to the 3rd edition of the Global CIE International Roundtable, which takes p;lace on 23rd July 2020 in Madrid, Spain. The topic of the roundtable is ‘The Integrity of Research’. The Global CIE roundtable is in-filled into the KIE [Knowledge, Innovation and Enterprise] Conference which takes place 21-23 July 2020. Professor Heidi Biseth, University of South-Eastern, Norway & President of the Nordic Comparative and International Education Society (NOCIES) will give the keynote presentation. Lead Discussants are Professor David Turner and Dr Brian Denman, Global CIE Forum President and Secretary General respectively. 

Global CIE Forum

The Global Comparative and International Education Forum –  or Global CIE Forum for short – will be formally inaugurated in Stockholm, Sweden, on Thursday 10 October 2019. The inauguration will take place during the joint Global CIE Forum-Nordic Comparative and International Comparative Education Society conference at Stockholm University, Sweden. The theme of the conference is ‘Understanding the Global in Comparative and International Education’. Click here for more details about the conference. Click here for more information about the Global CIE Forum.